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Welcome to Panther Loans, Your Payday Loan Specialists

PantherLoans.co.uk is just the place for your payday loan. We specialise in those short-term, quick cash loans that help smooth the financial way to your regular pay cheque.

Most people prefer to meet the emergency or just last-minute expense, deposit the next payroll amount and pay the loan in full, but since you can obtain anywhere from £80 to £1,000, sometimes extended repayment plans come into the picture.

How to Qualify at PantherLoans.co.uk

We make applying for your quick loan as simple, as fast and especially as efficient as possible. First, you must meet the conditions stipulated under UK law. We add no additional qualifications to them. If you are: 1. At least 18 years old, a UK citizen living in the UK, have a verified job of some sort and have a UK bank account, you qualify. That's it – no more but no less.

Submitting an Application

We don't make you wait for banker's hours. We don't make you schedule an appointment. We are here around the clock and every single day for your convenience.

You will need some information from your last pay stub, so we recommend you already have that with you. When you click the APPLY button, you will be referred to our online, electronic application form. There is no faxes, “snail mail”, or email involved. Complete the electronic form, and click “Submit”. Your application is encrypted for transmission security and unravelled upon receipt.

We very quickly confirm you meet the UK's requirements, and then we search for the best quick cash loan we can. Once we find it, we waste no time in contacting you: We discuss the terms, answer any questions you have, confirm payments and timing, and then we send your payday loan straight to your bank – No waiting for a postal delivery or deposit delay!

Our average initial contact lapse is only about 15 minutes from receiving your application, and your Panther Loans quick cash deposit should register in your bank account in less than an hour!

APPLY NOW for your £80 to £1,000 in 60 minutes or less!