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PantherLoans.co.uk: About Us

PantherLoans.co.uk came into existence from over 60 years of experience in banking, credit management, IT skills and, yes, payday loans. Expertise and experience combined with recognition of short-term loan need into one entity called Panther Loans.

We have well-trained loan experts waiting to approve your application, discuss loan arrangements, answer your questions and, most importantly, send you your payday loan of £80 to £1000 within about an hour.

All you have to do is submit a qualified application, and we'll do all the hard work: We confirm you qualify. We scan through scores of sources, and we find what we believe is the perfect payday loan for you.

Easy Qualifications

We don't check your credit report: We don't need that document or set of numbers to tell us you qualify. The law in the UK tells us when you do. If you have a job, are a UK citizen who is 18 years old or older living in the UK and have a UK bank account, you qualify – period.

Easy Submission

We don't make you find a fax machine. We give you fast, efficient and faxless service. Just have your last pay stub and click APPLY NOW. Complete the very simple form and send it to us. It's encrypted during its momentary trip to us, so your privacy is protected.

If we don't tell a credit reporting agency that you have applied for a Panther loan, why should we make it easy for someone to intercept and read your personal data? We don't! We protect your information privacy just as avidly as we, as individuals, protect our own!

Fast Approval

Once we review your application, we contact you, usually within about 15 minutes, to confirm the loan arrangements, discuss any point with you, then send your £80 to £1000 directly to your account, arriving often in less than an hour!

We're here around the clock, so APPLY NOW, and enjoy your PantherLoans.co.uk payday loan in mere minutes!

98% of customers asked would happily recommend us!