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How Getting a PantherLoans.co.uk Payday Loan Works

To bring you the bigger picture first, it takes about an hour, sometimes less, to get a payday loan with Panther Loans. Now let's break it down into the few simple steps you actually take.


We add no other qualifications to what UK law requires: 1. You must be at least 18 years of age. 2. You have to have some sort of job. 3. Be a UK citizen living in the United Kingdom, and 4. You must have a UK bank account that allows electronic credits – your loan deposit – and electronic debits – your repayments.

Next, you simply complete the online application and click the button to send it to us. No faxes, No Postage. No delay! We receive your electronically secured information in moments.

Within a quarter of an hour or so, we will contact you to confirm arrangements for the loan we have found for you. We discuss timing, amounts and your bank information. We need only about 15 minutes because we do not check your credit report. We do not look at your credit history. If you have even a part-time job, that's good enough for us.

On the other hand, it's just as important to us to find you a great payday loans as it is to you to have the funds you need for whatever reason you have – not that you need to tell us!

After we locate your best Panther loan, we contact you and confirm everything is acceptable. Then we are thrilled to initiate the funds transfer directly into your bank account within an hour or less. You quickly have those emergency funds, holiday funds, gift-buying funds – your £80 to £1000 for whatever purpose you deem fit. And we do love that part!

Getting your loan from PantherLoans.co.uk is so very easy and so very fast. Don't wait: APPLY NOW and have your quick cash loan in about an hour!

98% of customers asked would happily recommend us!